"What is essential
is perfect.."

Leonardo Da Vinci...




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Opticalray is a studio that designs and manufactures optical system.
Opticalray is a consulting office and design office able to provide assistance to anyone who has optical systems in the optical industry.
The company offers a service consultation and optical designs thanks to the experience achieved in many years of optical activity.
Thanks to the experience in the optical activity is able to analyze and design from more complex to simpler systems.
Opticalray is known in the Italian market as one of the listed companies for design and manufacture of optical system.
Opticalray started up in 2012, from the knowledge and experience of people that have a true passion in the optical studies.
Opticalray is the union of ancient craftsmanship and new technologies.
We are able to offer assistance in the various stages of system developments, in the search of the materials and products useful for the project.
In addition to being a design studio, Optcialray is a studio that design and assembles optical systems; Beam Expander, Mirror Beam Expander, Anamorphic Pair Prism.



Stefano Gorgoni Gufoni "Opticalray" Italy
Tel. +39 3381357206