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The Beam Expanders are optical systems used to amplify the diameter of the beam laser.
The most common type of Beam Expander is derived from the Galilean telescope, which has one negative input lens and one positive output lens.
The input lens presents a virtual beam focus, the positive lens a real focus.
For low expansion ratios the Galilean telescope is often employed due to its simplicity, small package size and low cost.
The Galilean design beam expander provides an adjustable focus for collimation at the variation of wavelengths, and to control divergence correction.
We manufacture a variety of laser beams expander to suit most lasers . Six expansion ratios are available (2x,4x,6x,8x,10x,13x).
In addition to the standard products, Opticalray is able to provide custom beam expanders optimally tailored to suit you exact needs. Custom beam expanders can be produced to provide lower wavefront distortion different from expansion ratio, higher transmission and a very low damage threshold, and an even larger output beam diameter.
As the size of the beam increases, the divergence decreases proportionately.
The lens has a coating antireflection for higher transmission, over 98,5%.
You can find the Beam Expanders in three ranges; A (450-750nm),B(700-1050nm),C(1050-1650nm) e for the wavelengths of HeNe 632nm.
The wavefront distortion is of less than λ/4 and guarantees a minimum focused spot size even at long ranges.
The reflection for the three ranges A,B,C is ≤ 1.2% and for the HeNe = 0.9%
   - Reflection range A ≤1% Coating VIS
   - Reflection range B ≤ 1% Coating NIR
   - Reflection range C ≤ 1.2% Coating IR
   - Range A design to 532nm
   - Range B design to 850nm
   - Range C design to 1350nm



450-750 Max input
Max Output
Lenght Diameter
2x-BEA 3mm 6mm 23.5mm 22mm
4x-BEA 3mm 12mm 58.5mm 35mm
6x-BEA 3mm 18mm 93.5mm 35mm
8x-BEA 2.5mm 20mm 96mm 35mm
10x-BEA 2mm 20mm 145.5mm 35mm
13x-BEA 1.5mm 20.5mm 197.5mm 35mm


700-1050 Max input
Max Output
Lenght Diameter
2x-BEB 3mm 6mm 23.5mm 22mm
4x-BEB 3mm 12mm 55.5mm 35mm
6x-BEB 3mm 18mm 93.5mm 35mm
8x-BEB 2.5mm 20mm 96mm 35mm
10x-BEB 2mm 20mm 145.5mm 35mm
13x-BEB 1.5mm 20.5mm 197.5mm 35mm


1050-1650 Max input
Max Output
Lenght Diameter
2x-BEC 3mm 6mm 26.5mm 22mm
4x-BEC 3mm 12mm 61.5mm 35mm
6x-BEC 3mm 18mm 101.5mm 35mm
8x-BEC 2.5mm 20mm 104mm 35mm
10x-BEC 2mm 20mm 151.5mm 35mm
13x-BEC 1.5mm 20.5mm 197.5mm 35mm


632mm Max input
Max Output
Lenght Diameter
2x-BE 3mm 6mm 23mm 22mm
4x-BE 3mm 12mm 57.5mm 35mm
6x-BE 3mm 18mm 93.5mm 35mm
8x-BE 2.5mm 20mm 96.5mm 35mm
10x-BE 2mm 20mm 145.5mm 35mm
13x-BE 1.5mm 20.5mm 197mm 35mm



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