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The Mirror Beam Expander is an optic system of Galilean type formed by two mirrors, one concave and one convex, used to amplify the size of the beam laser.
The beam input in the system hits the first mirror, that has a virtual focus , diverges the beam, then meets the second convex mirror.
This latter is positioned at a precise distance from first, and collimates the output beam.
Opticalray offers seven types of expansion of Mirror Beam Expander (2x,3x,4x,5x,7x,10x,14x).
The systems can be used to enlarge or reduce the diameter of output beam laser.
Our reflective beam expander uses two protected silver-coated spherical mirrors, offering high reflectance over a broad spectral range ( R.avg > 97.5% from 450nm to 2um, R.avg> 96% from 2um to 20um).
The systems offer high transmission from 450nm to 20um.
Variable magnification beam expanders can be supplied with interchangeable primary mirrors.

- Material coating Silver
- Materiale specchio BK7


450nm-2um Max Input diameter Max output diameter
2x-MBEA 8mm 16mm
3x-MBEA 5.4mm 16.2mm
4x-MBEA 5.5mm 22mm
5x-MBEA 4.5mm 22.5mm
7x-MBEA 3.4mm 23.8mm
10x-MBEA 2.3mm 23mm
14x-MBEA 2mm 28mm


2um-20um Max Input diameter Max output diameter
2x-MBEB 8mm 16mm
3x-MBEB 5.4mm 16.2mm
4x-MBEB 5.5mm 22mm
5x-MBEB 4.5mm 22.5mm
7x-MBEB 3.4mm 23.8mm
10x-MBEB 2.3mm 23mm
14x-MBEB 2mm 28mm



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